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5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Relationships at Work

The following are the 9 things that should be observed in order to foster a healthy work relationship between the employer and his employees:

A good employee relation fosters a right work environment and contributes to the development of an organization. Contrary to that little is said concerning the interaction between the boss and the employee. It also becomes clear that like any other relationship, it also has many wavelengths and requires healthy and proper flow to exist and develop. Why does such a large number of employees have so much faith? Perhaps, the answer can be found in the relations between the employees and their supervisor, or boss to be more precise.

When it comes to comprehending how relations with the workers can foster business development and evoking a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace, it should not be a challenge to grasp the concept. It is true that good relationship promotes when people who admire or respect each other or between people who understand each other. But then it is an effort that requires a lot of hard work, time and maturity.

  1. Appreciate Your Employees

Suppose one is employed in a company and strives to conform to the company’s objectives and schedules. Work can really tire you up to the point that you will be all drained. A kind word from ones superior or even a simple ‘Thank You’ card can brighten up your day and keep you on your toes. Reward your employees in the manner they require. They are your employees and spend a lot of time and energy to build your company. Encourage them, say nice things to them and assure them that their work is highly appreciated at the workplace.
While it may not take much time at all to acknowledge their fine work, to the staff, it can open up a whole new level of motivation when it comes to their job.

  1. Implement Autonomy

Freedom should also be provided to the employees in your workplace. No one would be glad to see you, or care enough about you, and your business if you do not allow your employees reasonable leeway necessary to finish the jobs you assign to them. The freedom given to employees in their work raises satisfaction at the workplace and your interaction with the workers.

  1. Show Value, Be Empathetic

Value your employees. If you would do it honestly, then your relation would naturally move to another level. If any of your employees having problems and strangled to handle it, be kind and help him or her. By supporting them in their crises & when they encounter with suffering & injuries it may bring wonders to your relationship.

  1. Have A learning Attitude

Do not literally interpret the saying that goes round stating that ‘the boss is always right.’ Maintain a learning attitude which would make the employees feel relaxed to express their views to you. This also enables the employees to come to terms that they are one and kind, resulting to oneness.

  1. Bond Of Trust

The most crucial factor of any boss-employee relation is trust. One should always be truthful to the employees and should never give a twisted message. Always tell the truth. Organize yourself to be more open to your employees. And never discuss with other people anything about your employees or even any identification number of your employees. People trust is the foundation of your relationship and makes your relationship with the employees lasting. Thus, the process of trust building will yield good results for you. 

Abridgment/high bridge connect the relationship to trust to sustain it.


In essence, the position of the Boss and his/her subordinates is a matter of trust and confidence in each other’s work. Thus, it is a kind of cooperation in which the active participation from both sides is mandatory. Hence, the consideration of these aspects is crucial for the growth of any organization in regards to the understanding of the relationship between the two. Thus, the main foundation of this relationship would be to acquire, develop, gain knowledge and make or create.

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