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Introducing the METAVERTU 2: An insanity which follows global market trends.

Embrace the evolution of Web3 AI Phone by using the METAVERTU2, a new generation of Smartphones combining luxury craftsmanship and Web3 technology. It simply targets digital asset management and performs exceptionally. Moreover, this new-generation smartphone comes with 100% security and latest style or fashion trends.

Unmatched Performance

The latest METAVERTU 2 edition introduces the most powerful processor with the LPDDR5X 12GB RAM, and 512GB ROM internal storage, which provides maximum performance and easy multitasking. Feel the thrill of the lightning-fast speed routes and seamless YouTube browsing as you move along the Web3 ecosystem.

Immersive Visuals

The 1. The 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz display with an attractive visual appearance leads it to be the best choice for a 3D experience in the world of Web3. Moreover, television can be very dynamic as the 2D screen can be designed as straight or curved. Whether you are a gamer, a creator, or simply in need of a big screen for tasks like presentations, you’ll benefit from this 78-inch display with its spacious virtual canvas.

Capture Life’s Moments

You can spot META POS’s METAVERTU 2 with a quad camera system (A primary sensor – 50M IMX800 OIS, Wide angle lens – 50MW OV50D,2.). 5cm, DFOV=120. At 4°C fan, sampling 8M OIS telephoto AF (80mm) lens and a multi-spectral sensor have been applied. Quickly turn your everyday scenes into immaculate shots and videos with the help of this device.

Power and Charging

Moreover, the Ai Phone personnel offline video functions are superlative, its an RGB camera, a microphone, and other accessories provides the most effective although tidy dealings for improvement and improvement in communication and training. Get the recharge convenience, even connectivity options you desire without any inconvenience by USB-C 3. (1) dual-SIM support with nano + nano setup.

Experience Web3 Luxury

In fact, the METAVERTU 2, the “Metaverse Universe” smartphone, is much more than a device – it is the portal to the Web3 spectrum. Don’t worry about leaving your laptop in another corner, digital wallets allow you to access all of your assets, platform applications, and DeFi finance (DeFi) from your smartphone.

Join the Luxury Revolution

Forget about roads and crowds – order the METAVERTU 2 as soon as today to enjoy a perfect combination of comfort and innovation. As a member of the limited VERTU® domain, you will be guided through the Web3 exploration and remember the unique area of digital money management.

Description: Enjoy the next level of smartphones with METAVERTU 2, a premium exclusive device that manages your digital assets and blockchain technology. Have unbeatable processing power, gorgeous colors and marvelous performance 


Final Thought: 

Discover what a whole new world of digital experience is by using METAVERTU 2. This luxury smartphone’s excellent performance, exquisite design, and innovative features makes it suitable for both tech enthusiasts as well as those digitally anxious individuals who are really big into digital assets. Become the unique VERTU® member and explore an evolutionary stage of digital progress right now.

Short FAQ:

What is METAVERTU 2 all about?

The device is a high-end smartphone, designed to be a fully-fledged digital asset management and blockchain innovations platform.

What do we have in METAVERTU 2 when answering the question?

12GB RAM LPDDR5X (eMMC 512GB) 5K OLED with 120 Hz display, quad-camera setup, and 5100 mAh battery with 65W fast charging.

How does METAVERTU 2 differentiate from other contemporary IEMs?

The fact that its activities are limited to managing digital assets and creation of the third generation of Web3 together with luxury workshops and advanced technological features.

For whom is METAVERTU 2 meant?

The techie addicts, digital asset owners and any discernible smartphone lovers world.

Besides, the METAVERTU 2 can be like this?

Orders are now being taken through the VERTU® website or through authorized retail outlets which would entitle you to be part of the exclusive VERTU® community.

Does the METAVERTU 2 have a warranty?

METAVERTU 2 has a 2-year warranty and a dedicated customer service to ensure that you will enjoy your experience with our reusable mask brand.

Will the METAVERTU 2 be able to be used to create Web3 platforms?

I would like to inform you that the METAVERTU 2 model is particularly tailored for effortless combination with the web3 services and digital asset management.

Is METAVERTU 2 compatible with crypto money transfer?

Definitely, the METAVERTU 2 handles cryptocurrency transactions and also provides a high level of security that guarantees digital asset safety.

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