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Similarities between Power Homeschool and Accelus Academy

Power Homeschool and Acellus Academy use the same basic educational framework called ‘Acellus.’

This Acellus technology provides an intelligent program that identifies students’ weaknesses and targets a customized learning plan to address them.

Acellus is a secular learning platform, so children won’t hear about Jesus through this provider.

Both Acellus Academy and Power Homeschool offer these features:

● video-based lessons,

● customized instruction, and

● comprehensive practice materials.

However, the crucial distinctions lie in their approaches to at-home learning and the level of support provided to homeschooling families.

Acellus Academy: The Accredited Option

Acellus Academy is an accredited online homeschool endorsed by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

This accreditation ensures that students receive an Acellus Academy diploma upon graduation.

The program offers a structured and accredited online school environment. Still, this accreditation comes at a higher cost compared to Power Homeschool.

Power Homeschool: Parental Teaching

Power Homeschool is a tool to deliver online coursework from Acellus to parents.

However, it is not accredited, which means parents have complete control over their children’s education.

This allows for flexibility and the creation of personalized learning plans. Students can also do a more self-paced homeschool curriculum, which is a huge plus for some students.

Nevertheless, since accreditation is missing, parents must issue their child’s diploma and navigate the homeschooling regulations specific to their state.

This isn’t a big deal; parents can quickly see how to create their homeschool transcript here.

Support and Affordability

The level of support provided is a crucial factor when choosing between Power Homeschool and Acellus Academy Acellus Academy offers teacher support, providing assistance and guidance as needed.

This can benefit parents who need more confidence in their teaching abilities or those with children with varying learning needs It’s also good if a family is doing short-term homeschooling due to sickness or bullying recovery.

On the other hand, Power Homeschool lacks teacher support, requiring parents to take on a more independent role in their child’s education While empowering, this may pose challenges for those who prefer additional guidance.

Cost of Acellus Academy Vs. Power Homeschool

The cost difference between the two programs is large Acellus Academy, an accredited online school, has a higher monthly price tag of around $175.

Suppose parents have the money or want to outsource teaching because they don’t have the confidence or time (for example, they’re homeschooling and working full-time In that case, Acellus Academy can be a better choice.

In contrast, Power Homeschool offers a more affordable option, making it appealing for families on a budget at only $25 per month.

If parents want to save money and be more involved in their children’s education, Power Homeschool might be the better choice.It may take some research to determine the course and make a high school diploma for your graduates, but it can be worth the significant savings.

Alternatives to Power Homeschool and Acellus Academy.

There are several alternatives to Acellus if you want to go with something other than Acellus. Click the titles to look at homeschool reviews of each curriculum.

Let’s take a closer look at these Acellus alternatives below:


This secular, accredited K-8 curriculum features animated games and lots of lessons to keep kids engaged.

Children can interact with each other and earn rewards as they learn the basic curriculum.


Abeka is a Christian homeschool curriculum that’s been around for many decades.

It offers a blended learning approach where children can study with physical workbooks but with online teachers.

There are accredited and more boxed homeschool curriculum options, depending on what suits families more.

BJU Press

BJU Press is a conservative homeschool curriculum that’s similar to Abeka, except its video lessons are shorter, and it’s a little more affordable.

BJU Press offers blended learning with teacher-led videos and is a top homeschool curriculum. I use this program with my children, and it’s a reasonably open-and-go homeschool program.


This secular homeschool curriculum offers many engaging lessons and animated graphics to keep children involved. They offer all ages and grades.

Memoria Press

This is a classical homeschool curriculum using a non-traditional approach. They offer accredited online lessons or a more boxed offline approach.

They also produce a wonderful Latin curriculum, which is handy for teaching children advanced English skills from a young age.

A Gentle Feast

This is a Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum.

The Charlotte Mason homeschooling method is a favorite homeschooling method today as it offers a very gentle approach to learning, focusing on good character, nature study, and learning through living books (educational storybooks).

The Bottom Line…

The choice between Power Homeschool and Acellus Academy in the homeschooling landscape depends on control, support, and accreditation factors. Acellus Academy, with its accreditation and teacher support, offers a structured online school experience but comes at a higher cost. With its affordability and parental control, Power Homeschool empowers families to take charge of their children’s education but demands more independent effort.

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